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CSS Sprite and Rounded Corners (with multiple CSS class)

Posted in WEB by Ari on 3 June 2010

This is how you create a rounded corners box with css sprites.

the HTML

<div class="roundedBox" id="type1">
    <strong>My content in roundedBox Type 1 </strong>

    <div class="corner topLeft"></div>
    <div class="corner topRight"></div>
    <div class="corner bottomLeft"></div>
    <div class="corner bottomRight"></div>


#type1 {background-color:#CCDEDE;}
    #type1 .corner {background-image:url(../images/corners-type1.gif);}

.roundedBox {position:relative; padding:17px; margin:10px 0;}

    .corner {position:absolute; width:17px; height:17px;}

        .topLeft {top:0; left:0; background-position:-1px -1px;}
        .topRight {top:0; right:0; background-position:-19px -1px;}
        .bottomLeft {bottom:0; left:0; background-position:-1px -19px;}
        .bottomRight {bottom:0; right:0; background-position:-19px -19px;}


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